Ryan T. Nelson, Executive Director

Aaron Thielen, Executive Director Emeritus

Broadway Across Borders builds international and cross-cultural collaborations through musical theatre performance that create a shared understanding of humanity by cultivating and connecting emerging artists across borders and empowering their artistic and social entrepreneurship.

Broadway Across Borders is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Charitable Organization

Broadway Across Borders

Celebrates the 
100th Anniversary
of the
Sarajevo Philharmonic

Friday, March 8, 2024
National Theatre

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conducted by Ryan T. Nelson

A concert of Broadway’s most beloved songs 

that promote peace, love, and unity. 

Featuring Broadway Across Borders Alumni:

Lejla Jusić, Nikolina Vujić

Aidia Muśanovic Arsic, Hana Zrno

Sanjin Arnautoivc, Nedim Basić

and Kenan Hasić

#: An Original Polish Musical

Conceived and created by emerging Polish artists

Our June 2023
Polish Production

at the

Sala Koncertowa Akademii Muzycznej w Łodzi

produced in cooperation with


Composed and Developed by

Our Core Values

We believe that musical theatre, the quintessential American art form, transcends languages and nationalities.  It is an incredibly powerful tool for eliminating prejudice and discriminations and furthering human rights. We provide a unique access to training and offer performance opportunities that develop and nurture individual artistic expression while building a Global Community of Artists

Cultural Diversity

We celebrate and respect the diverse cultural values that have shaped each artist.


We provide a safe environment where artists can freely express themselves and where gender and sexual identity, physical disabilities, religion, economic background and ethnicity are not barriers to their development as artists.


We empower global storytelling by developing relationships that transcend national borders and institutions.

Artistic Mentorship

We support local artistic entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change.


We value the development of long-lasting partnerships with local artistic, educational, and governmental institutions in the pursuit of community outreach.


We believe in the power of positive teaching, positive feedback, and positive leadership.

Recent Projects

Selected for the 2023 Sarajevo Film Festival 

An original video musical created by our Bosnian artistic team and featuring our artists from Poland, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

This video is part of the 2021 Weltanschauung Project and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Sarajevo. 

Four Broadway Across Borders ALUMNI ARTISTS from Poland, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina travelled to the United States in July (2022) for our inaugural Arts Leadership Program.

KOSA (“Hair”)

A 30th Anniversary Concert for Peace

Presented in collaboration with the 


Sarajevo                       24 June 2022

Tuzla                              25 June 2022

Banja Luka                   26 June 2022

This concert production celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the famed 1992 Bosnian production which occurred during the siege of Sarajevo in the Balkan war.

Over 100 performers, including:

BiH Broadway

National Theatre Opera Chorus

Sarajevo Philharmonic

BHRT Music Production Band

Nie Ma Nas

"There's No Us"

An original video musical created by our Polish artistic team and featuring our artists from Poland, Germany, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This video is part of the 2021 Weltanschauung Project and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Warsaw.

Broadway Across Borders Spring 2022 Workshop Tour

11 March


Bosnia and Herzegovina

14 March



15 March



17 March



18 March




Weltanschauung Project




  1. a particular philosophy or view of life; the worldview of an individual or group.


Across Borders

began in 2018


BiH Broadway


This is Our Story….


Video: Jasmina Besirević

Editor: Iva Ivan

Building a Global Community of Artists

Celebrating the power of individual creativity.


International Artists
Lives Touched
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Forging Relationships Across Borders

The artists I have met from Bosnia, Poland, and Germany are intelligent, compassionate and hard working people. I am so grateful to have met them!
Ryan Foreman
United States of America
BiH Broadway changed my life. It taught me, and my fellow Bosnians, how to believe in ourselves again as artists.
Sanjin Arnautović
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Broadway Across Borders created a space which gave me the opportunity to make art and communicate with people who have the same fire in their hearts.
Lucia Miorin

Our Foundational Projects

Productions and Workshops that led to the forming of Broadway Across Borders

Broadway Across Borders

Virtual Spring Awakening

A Virtual Spring Awakening 2020

Broadway Across Borders

Moja Pjesma (My Song)

“My Song” 2019 Tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Broadway Across Borders

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

2018 Bosnia Tour

Broadway Across Borders

Broadway Workshop (Banja Luka)

2018 Banja Luka Workshop



Recent News and Updates

News and Updates

Srđan Knjeginjić featured in AZRA Magazine!

Srđan Knjeginjić, glumac iz Prijedora: Roditelji, ne određujte djeci šta je za „njihovo dobro“

News and Updates

Październik miesiącem Broadwayu w Ambasadzie USA w Warszawie

October is Broadway Month at the U.S. Embassy Warsaw!

News and Updates

Broadway Across Borders is official!

We are so thrilled to launch our organization. It is 3 years in the making! Join us for our GLOBAL EVENT – A Virtual Spring Awakening –

Empower creativity.
Unlock potential.

We create a positive environment for performers and push them to discover who they are as artists.