Our International Team

Founder & Co-Executive Director

Actor/Director and Artistic Director at the Marriott Theatre (Chicago).

Founder & Co-Executive Director

Lecturer in Music Theatre at Northwestern University and Resident Music Director at the Marriott Theatre (Chicago).

Program Director, BiH Broadway

Musician, singer-songwriter, and theatre performing from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professor of Muzike at Gymnasium SSST and music therapist.

Program Director, BiH Broadway

Actor and Assistant Professor of Speech at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our Story

In 2017, Elizabeth Blumenthal, at the US Embassy Sarajevo, reached out to Ryan Nelson and Aaron Thielen and asked them to create a cultural exchange program using the American art form of musical theatre to bring together artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program, called BiH Broadway, was originally conceived by Lejla Pašović and its success prompted the State Department to support expansion of the program to Poland. We were all set to spend ten days in June 2020 and then return in September to produce another performance project. Covid-19 put the program and any travel on hold. A month later we got a call from the US Embassy Warsaw asking us to create an online project in the meantime, again focused on cultural collaboration. We came up with the idea of bringing artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Serbia, Germany and the United States together on one project…an online production of Spring Awakening. The idea of Broadway Across Borders was born. Cross-cultural collaboration between artists from multiple countries is at the core of what Broadway Across Borders does. Spring Awakening will premier in October 2020 and new projects in Poland will resume in 2021. BiH Broadway lives on under the amazing leadership of Bosnian artists Nikolina Vujić and Sanjin Arnautović.

We are building important connections across international borders.

Music theatre can bring the world closer together.