Ryan Foreman

My name is Ryan Foreman and I’m from Evanston, Illinois. I’m a Chicago-based actor and singer who graduated from Northwestern University in June with a degree in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Acting for the Screen and Sociology. In my free time, I like to play Pokémon Go, run half marathons, and try as many different sushi restaurants as I can. Most recently, I performed in The 89th annual Waa Mu Show: State of the Art at Northwestern and the virtual performance can be found here . I’m represented by Big Mouth Talent, and just so we don’t forget: vote in November and Black Lives Matter!

When I was four, I was at a Fourth of July picnic with my family. My brother and I were running around and acting up. My mother was telling us to settle down when a random stranger approached her and said “No! Don’t tell them to stop. Put them in theatre.” She did just that. My first show was baby Coalhouse in Ragtime for Music Theatre Works when I was five years old.

Afterwards, my mom put me in theatre summer camps and I participated in the drama department at Martin Luther King Literary and Fine Arts school. I thought I was going to be a soccer star in high school, but that quickly changed when I was cast in Lost in Yonkers and joined Big Mouth Talent.

After truly cultivating a passion for performing during high school, I decided to make it my career and study it in college at Northwestern University. At Northwestern, I was in a wide variety of musicals, plays, and new work productions which have taken me all over the world; to Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Kennedy Center in D.C. and The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Full Circle with Broadway Across Borders

Freshman year of college I was in The Dolphin Show’s Production of Little Shop of Horrors at Northwestern and we got reached out to by Elizabeth Blumenthal and the US embassy in Bosnia to come perform our show throughout the country. We immediately said yes and over spring break flew over. We performed in 4 cities in 5 days and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The people were so wonderful and it was great to bring the joy of American musical theater to Bosnia. When I was reached out to do this project I was honored to be asked back to continue what I had helped start 4 years ago. This organization has grown so much and have done such wonderful work the past years and I cannot wait to see the reactions to this show and how much joy it can bring to so many people. I have had a wonderful time being a part of Spring Awakening and learned so much about myself as an artist and collaborator. The people I have met from Bosnia, Poland, and Germany are intelligent, compassionate and hard working people and I am so grateful to have met them. I never thought I would be doing a virtual production with people all over the world, but I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborative team.

With Covid-19 present I am looking more towards film and television acting and this project was a great bridge between the theater and film worlds. To start my film journey I am excited to be in Robert Cunningham’s web series “How to L0ve” filming this fall with more information here:  Halsey’s Black Creator Funding Initiative