Peter Carroll

Hi! I’m Peter. I’m from San Francisco, California and currently reside in Evanston, Illinois. I’m a rising senior at Northwestern University, however I chose to withdraw from classes for the fall, and I’m planning a move to Nashville, Tennessee to focus on music (and work in a warehouse). Working with Broadway Across Borders has been an enlightening, wholly inspiring experience. The passion and drive I’ve seen in my fellow actors reminds me that Musical Theatre is impactful on an international scale. It reaches hearts and minds across borders, across language boundaries, and it builds crucial connections between world cultures. The advent of the internet allows us to connect via zoom, across oceans, and collaborate through our webcams. I hope to be a part of the next evolution in musical theatre, to see how technology and theatre can blend together to generate an entirely new form of theatrical expression. Spring Awakening has shown me this is possible, and I can’t wait to see what Aaron and Ryan will do next!