Funded and produced by Broadway Across Borders (with additional funding from the U.S. Embassy Warsaw), this video musical project was created in Poland to outline the current local social and political situation and the many feelings it evokes in artists around the world. Actors and singers from Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Germany came together to create a unified message of concern and hope. The script and music are original, and come straight from the hearts of these artists, who are profoundly affected by these social changes in Poland.

Polish Actors and Voices

Łukasz Czyż, Daniel Jaronciński, Adrian Kieroński, Małgorzata Lipka, Agnieszka Ozon, Can Baran Özgür

International Actors and Voices

Sanjin Arnautovic, Tijana Jovanović, Lucia Miorin, Amila Tabaković, Nikolina Vujic, Hana Zrno

Original script

Daniel Jaronciński

Music Production

Adrian Kieroński Małgorzata Lipka Agnieszka Ozon

Mix, Mastering, and Recording

Adrian Kieroński

Video Production

Lulu Zubczyńska and Radoš Jovanović


Lyrics: Daniel Jaronciński, Aga Ozon

Composition: Aga Ozon

Arrangement: Aga Ozon, Adrian Keiroński, Małgorzata Lipka


Lyrics: Małgorzata Lipka, Daniel Jaronciński

Composition: Małgorzata Lipka Arrangement: Małgorzata Lipka, Agą Ozon, Adrian Keiroński


Lyrics: Aga Ozon, Daniel Jarociński

Composition: Aga Ozon

Arrangement: Aga Ozon, Adrian Kieroński, Małgorzata Lipka

Last modified: February 13, 2022

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